Many Thanks

Many thanks go to the people and places that have made this blog a possibility.

From friends turned wonderful editors to quiet spaces for writing (and sometimes crying.)

This list, I am sure, will grow as the adventure continues.

Thanks go to:

Andrew Hitzhusen, editor extraordinaire, and the director who made my husband fall in love with my acting choices. 
Lucy Holden, my first best friend and someone whose creative drive I constantly look up to.
My husband, [REDACTED], and the whole reason I started this blog.
My parents, who have loved and supported me to every moon and back again.
Alison Cain, an amazing mentor who held my hand while I took the mental leap and decided to make the biggest change of my life.

Ethan Walker, a liaison between apartments who traveled far from your home to move us into ours.

The Sweetest Suite, I know you’re checking in across the country. I miss you each and every day.
Jackie Perman, you have been too cool for me from the first time we met and I am so glad that I know you. Thanks for checking in on me.
Mudlark Theater, and every person large or small who has ever helped to make it one of the most amazing places on earth. Someday I hope to come back.
Lifeline Theater, the theater (and its people) who raised me. Especially a particular Operations Director and Access Coordinator.

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