Merry Happy

It’s that time of year! A time for celebration, gatherings of family and friends, and a time for reflection.

This year we have a lot to reflect on.

A year ago, I was wishing at every opportunity for [REDACTED] and I to stay where we were. I was in therapy, working on my anxiety and preparing for this enormous life change.

A lot can happen in a year. It’s a good time to reflect.

For one, I am much happier than I thought I would be. I expected the move to sever our ties to old friends and for our new city to feel terrifyingly lonely.

Instead, I have found myself going out of my way to build connections with others. Last weekend we hosted our neighbors for a holiday cookie party – and it was delightful. I signed up for bumble BFF, and while I didn’t stick with it long-term, I met some people and have developed friendships with two pretty great women from the meet-ups.

I was worried that I would never see [REDACTED] and that his school work and new friends would come between us and our relationship.

That hasn’t happened. Sure, he has been busy – many nights have been dedicated to him staying up late and studying, but we find time to be together. Also, I can tell how happy he is and that’s pretty great.

I was terrified that my new job would never live up to the job I was leaving.

That is a little true. I still really miss pretty much everything about my last job, but I don’t tear up the way I did the first few months thinking about it. I do like my co-workers, and have settled in to my new role. It isn’t everything I want from my career, but it is a steady paycheck and provides health insurance, so I’m thankful for that.

TLDR: Things that have changed

  • I am friendlier and more outgoing. Seriously – I have been making it a point to find friends wherever and whenever possible and it’s working.
  • I’ve gotten more comfortable doing things alone. From walks to the dog park to grabbing drinks a bar, I am way more comfortable going out and trying new things on my own. I love it when [REDACTED] can tag along, but I’m ok exploring the city by myself (or with a new friend.)
  • [REDACTED] is happier. Enough said.

TLDR: Things that are the same

  • I still have anxiety. I take meds, and I’m on the hunt for a new therapist. Meanwhile, I feel good, and am doing well.
  • We jumped back into a 3+ year D&D campaign with some friends from Chicago. We play via video chat with an online tabletop, but it feels good to keep connecting with these folks. #subtlenerd
  • We love our pets. We love our home. We love each other. Enough said.

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