Putting Down Roots

The snow is now completely gone from the front yard. The backyard has a foot-wide patch of gritty grey-white ice that is holding on by some quirk of nature. I almost miss the snow, since now the muck and mud that was frozen underneath is revitalized and soggy.  Getting out of the passenger’s side ofContinue reading “Putting Down Roots”

Side Hustles

I don’t know how we got here, but we live in an era of side-hustles.  While working my 9-5 (which is actually more like an 8:30-5 because, work culture) I am constantly wondering what else I could be doing to add a bit more to my savings, or bump up my contributions towards retirement, orContinue reading “Side Hustles”

Practicing Happy

Last week I had my first session with a local therapist. It was good. I felt prepared.  It had been months since my last therapy session, back before the move, and I had had plenty of time to reflect on what I was thinking and feeling, and where those feelings were coming from.  For aContinue reading “Practicing Happy”


Last weekend was wonderful.  It was satisfying and relaxing and rejuvenating. It was everything I could have wanted for my days away from my desk. But it did not start that way. Friday morning, I woke up with a migraine. One of the worst migraines I’ve ever had.  If you have never had a migraine,Continue reading “Migraines”


What a week. What. A. Week.  Whoosh.  I was without a working phone for the past week.  Let me clarify – the device was perfectly functional as a tiny hand-held computer. With access to WiFi, I could do all manner of smart-phone-things – check email, send and receive text messages (but only to or fromContinue reading “MNVO and MVNYes”

Cause for Celebration

A birthday is sort of like a medical check-up, right? I’m kidding. Birthdays are celebratory. Check-ups are not – they are terrifying (for me, at least.)  This week marks two occasions – my husband’s birthday, and the first positive medical experience I’ve had in almost three years. Let’s start with the birthday – that’s theContinue reading “Cause for Celebration”

Higher Ed.

Working in higher education has brought up a lot of complicated emotions for me.  I don’t have the fondest memories of my time in undergrad. Those four years were a pressure cooker of sleep deprivation, struggling to keep up with class readings, stress over assignments, and terror that the people around me could tell thatContinue reading “Higher Ed.”