Finding Friends in New Places

A week of living in the apartment with crooked floors, cracked walls, and a seemingly endless supply of meandering fruit flies meant that I had a lot to complain about. I was new to my job, and didn’t feel like I could let my guard down around my coworkers. I didn’t know any of ourContinue reading “Finding Friends in New Places”

The 5 Stages of Leaving

He had a near full-ride scholarship to law school. I had to say goodbye. On my walk home from having drinks with my mentor, I felt weightless – almost giddy. I had spent months in therapy preparing for this day. The day that I could confidently commit to moving to a new city and startingContinue reading “The 5 Stages of Leaving”

The List(s)

We had a list – actually, we had three lists. Accepted. Rejected. Waitlisted. The rejected list was small, but took a huge weight off of my chest – I didn’t have to think about moving to any of those new places. Whew. The accepted list was longer, and looking at it sometimes felt like staringContinue reading “The List(s)”