Higher Ed.

Working in higher education has brought up a lot of complicated emotions for me.  I don’t have the fondest memories of my time in undergrad. Those four years were a pressure cooker of sleep deprivation, struggling to keep up with class readings, stress over assignments, and terror that the people around me could tell thatContinue reading “Higher Ed.”

Deep Joy

I am happy that [REDACTED] is enjoying law school. I am happy to have a job. I am really happy that we have a home. It’s a good feeling – happiness – but I haven’t found much joy in our new life quite yet. Before law school and the discussions around moving, not moving, schoolContinue reading “Deep Joy”

Moving 2.0

I couldn’t think about what to write for this post. This is my tenth (!!) week of writing – it feels important. Then I remembered, oh right – we’re buying a house. Let me say that again. We. Are. Buying. A. House. I know. It sounds insane. It sounds crazy. Wait, what!? Why? How? Haven’tContinue reading “Moving 2.0”