Fire in Your Belly

Image Description: Winter sunrise through an archway of trees at the dog park. I really really love being able to walk to a nice big dog park. We are half-way through [REDACTED]’s first year of law school and one of the main conversation topics in our home recently has been his plans for the summer.Continue reading “Fire in Your Belly”

I Heart Frugalwoods

Hello! Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020, and the start of self-improvement projects! I have been reading a blog called “Frugalwoods” for a little over a year now. It was recommended to me by a friend whose advice I appreciate, and whose stance on life, raising kids, etc. I greatly admire. January is one ofContinue reading “I Heart Frugalwoods”

Protecting This House

Last weekend, [REDACTED] and I had my parents up for a visit to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It was their first time seeing the house with all of our things moved in and (almost) all of our boxes unpacked. While they were both enthusiastic and encouraging about the life goal we had unlocked by becomingContinue reading “Protecting This House”

A Driveway for One’s Home

When we moved into our new home, we knew there were some projects ahead of us. No house is perfect. Whether it’s insanely obvious, like a murder basement, or invisible to the untrained eye, like backward electrical wiring, every spot comes with its own “to-do” list.   Image Description: A small white house at night,Continue reading “A Driveway for One’s Home”

Giving Thanks

(A beautiful blue sky at the dog park this morning!) In the spirit of the season, (and because I gave myself the week off last week and am now wishing I had just sat down and written something to keep my awesome streak of posting every week!) I think it’s important to spend some timeContinue reading “Giving Thanks”

Deep Joy

I am happy that [REDACTED] is enjoying law school. I am happy to have a job. I am really happy that we have a home. It’s a good feeling – happiness – but I haven’t found much joy in our new life quite yet. Before law school and the discussions around moving, not moving, schoolContinue reading “Deep Joy”

Home Sweet Home

I went down for a quick trip to see my parents last weekend. I had been looking forward to the trip for weeks. It was just for one night, but I squeezed as much as possible into those 24-hours. I stopped by and helped one of [REDACTED] and my best couple friends move. (And byContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”

Money Down

I feel a little guilty about buying a house. I feel a little scared. I feel excited. I feel like “who am I” to be a homeowner? I feel like this is the right decision. I’m feeling a lot of things. Underneath those feelings are questions; Do I deserve it? Did I earn it? PartContinue reading “Money Down”