Home Sweet Home

I went down for a quick trip to see my parents last weekend. I had been looking forward to the trip for weeks. It was just for one night, but I squeezed as much as possible into those 24-hours. I stopped by and helped one of [REDACTED] and my best couple friends move. (And byContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”

Money Down

I feel a little guilty about buying a house. I feel a little scared. I feel excited. I feel like “who am I” to be a homeowner? I feel like this is the right decision. I’m feeling a lot of things. Underneath those feelings are questions; Do I deserve it? Did I earn it? PartContinue reading “Money Down”

Moving 2.0

I couldn’t think about what to write for this post. This is my tenth (!!) week of writing – it feels important. Then I remembered, oh right – we’re buying a house. Let me say that again. We. Are. Buying. A. House. I know. It sounds insane. It sounds crazy. Wait, what!? Why? How? Haven’tContinue reading “Moving 2.0”