Moving 2.0

I couldn’t think about what to write for this post. This is my tenth (!!) week of writing – it feels important. Then I remembered, oh right – we’re buying a house. Let me say that again. We. Are. Buying. A. House. I know. It sounds insane. It sounds crazy. Wait, what!? Why? How? Haven’tContinue reading “Moving 2.0”

Throwing a Temper Tantrum

Before starting this blog, I promised myself that I would not write anything in the heat of the moment. I would allow time and hindsight to help shape my thoughts and put words to my feelings. So far, that has worked well, but one thing I have noticed is that hindsight for each of theseContinue reading “Throwing a Temper Tantrum”

Finding Friends in New Places

A week of living in the apartment with crooked floors, cracked walls, and a seemingly endless supply of meandering fruit flies meant that I had a lot to complain about. I was new to my job, and didn’t feel like I could let my guard down around my coworkers. I didn’t know any of ourContinue reading “Finding Friends in New Places”

The 5 Stages of Leaving

He had a near full-ride scholarship to law school. I had to say goodbye. On my walk home from having drinks with my mentor, I felt weightless – almost giddy. I had spent months in therapy preparing for this day. The day that I could confidently commit to moving to a new city and startingContinue reading “The 5 Stages of Leaving”

Where do we go?

I had told the sad story of why [REDACTED] wanted to go to law school and how it was ruining my life so many times I was numb to it. I was tired of the tension that I held in my body for months as the unknowns and unknowables kept coming in waves. What wasContinue reading “Where do we go?”

Quantitative and Qualitative

Here are some things people generally don’t like talking about: Money. Income, expenses, budget, dollars, cents, loans, debt, finances, investments. Maybe you do like talking about those things. I don’t. I don’t really even like to think about them. But, when making big life decisions, one thing that usually comes up is money. [REDACTED] wasContinue reading “Quantitative and Qualitative”


I wished that law school would go away It didn’t. I didn’t want to talk about law school. I had to. I didn’t want to think about law school. I did. Whether I wanted to or not, I thought about law school all the time. I catastrophized every step of the process for [REDACTED] toContinue reading “Reframing”

The List(s)

We had a list – actually, we had three lists. Accepted. Rejected. Waitlisted. The rejected list was small, but took a huge weight off of my chest – I didn’t have to think about moving to any of those new places. Whew. The accepted list was longer, and looking at it sometimes felt like staringContinue reading “The List(s)”

Beginnings are hard

Beginnings are hard. When [REDACTED] told me that he wanted to go to law school, I didn’t think much about it. I was in a job that left me feeling empty at the end of each day, and I figured some change would be good. He started studying for the LSAT and I started aContinue reading “Beginnings are hard”